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REVENGE: After the Levoyah


Image by Christa Holka

Nick Cassenbaum’s two-hander comedy heist, directed by Emma Jude Harris, romps through 2018 Jewish Essex. Through madcap comedy and biting satire, this explosive tale blows the roof off what it means to be Jewish in the UK.


Twins Dan and Lauren meet ex-gangster Malcolm Spivak at their grandfather's funeral. Malcolm, who's 'had enough', enlists the siblings in a ragtag Yiddishe plot to kidnap then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


REVENGE: After the Levoyah examines antisemitism in the diaspora, the dangers of collective hysteria, and how far one nonagenarian can throw a jar of chraine from a moving vehicle.

Edinburgh Preview- Soho theatre 15th -17th July 6.45pm

Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe Festival  2024 

2 - 26 August, Anatomy Lecture Hall, 3pm

‘Subversive, hilarious and gleefully violent’ - Tommo Fowler, Vashti Media


‘Nick Cassenbaum’s comedic touch and joie-de-vivre made After the Levoyah a tour-de-force.’ - Aviva Dautch, Jewish Renaissance

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