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Originally commissioned by the Royal Court theatre. This piece is about a group of people who have left the ultra- Orthdox Jewish world of Stamford Hill. They are coming together to perform a Purim Shpeil about their journey of leaving the community. Someone who hasn't left yet turns up...will she leave as well? This piece only uses theatrical techniques which are familiar to the Haredi communities . It was written following many years of work with with Gesher EU, a charity which provides a community for those that do leave.

After the Levoyah 

This is a comedy-heist romp two person show which rockets through Jewish Essex set in 2017. 

Dan and Lauren are twins, not identical. On the day of their grandfather's funeral they meet Malcolm Silver. Malcolm is an ex-gangster with cancer, he wants to make a mark on the world before he dies What is his plan? To kidnap Jeremy Corbyn. He enlists Dan and Lauren and a ragtag group of Jewish people from all different backgrounds, to perform the heist only to find out that there were other people behind the kidnap all along…

This is a two-hander with a ton of doubling 

A section of it was performed at a new writing night at the Kiln Theatre.

‘But perhaps the most audacious piece is Nick Cassenbaum’s barmy and bizarre After The Lavoiya /… / The work is great, dangerous.’

- Jewish Chronicle

A Very Heimisha Xmas

Commissioned by the Soho Theatre. A Jewish family in Chigwell come together for Christmas in 2023. Can the family survive the differences and tensions brought up by the events on and following October 7th. 

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