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Take Stock Exchange

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Since 2013 I have been co-artistic director of TSX. TSX aims to being communities together through story telling and facilitated conversations. We have run 14 projects so far, ranging from working in specific areas of London, housing associations and more widely ranging groups. During the pandemic we moved away from only making live shows and now create podcasts which reflect the stories we discover. We are about to launch the podcast Machloket - A Disagreement for the Greater Good.  In this project we visited 28 different Jewish community groups across the UK.  Made with support from The Royal Court and The Arts Council. Click here for TSX website. 


I have run projects for many museums. The purpose of these is to relate people's personal stories to the particular exhibits or collections. Starting from a point of oneself and then broadening it out to what the museums holds. These project have been fun, empowering and bring new excitement and interest to the buildings. 

I have worked with the Manchester Jewish Museum, Jersey Museum,  Nuneaton and Bedworth Museum. 


I have worked with many theatres and cultural organisations on their community offerings. Battersea Arts Centre, The Yard, The Royal Court, The Kiln, Soho Theatre,  Cardboard Citizens, Slung Low, Jacksons Lane. 

Much of this was about facilitating participants into telling their own story. A few examples;

  • Training people to Be a story telling tour guide of the building at the Kiln and BAC.

  • Teaching primary school children how to write plays with the Soho theatre

  • Autobiographical performance with Cardboard Citizens.

  • Exploring Jewish Dramaturgy with Royal Court

  • Making work with children for the Yard. 

  • Story telling workshops with Slung Low.  

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