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Photograph courtesy of Gence Barbar

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Currently running projects with take stock exchange. 

Click here for more details.  

Selected Past Work

October-November 2019

Cardboard Citizens- What's your story


Over 4 weeks Nick lead workshops on autobiographical story telling that culminated in a performance of the participants stories. 

September 2019 to February 2020

Bubble Schmeisis Rural Tour


Supported by various Rural Touring programmes and ACE. We will be touring rural venues across the UK

September-November 2018

Kiln theatre Volunteer tour guides

Kiln Theatre

Working with volunteers to create tours of the Kiln theatre based on their own stories and connections to Kilburn.


My Kind of Michael

BAC/ The Yard/ Summerhall at the Edinburgh Fringe and national tou

My Kind of Michael started at the Yard, Edinburgh and toured the UK in 2019


You me the world and Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick

Working with the Yard theatre and take stock exchange to deliver a community story telling project in Hackney Wick

November 2016- ongoing

Bubble Schmeisis Tour

Check out the page for the next dates!

We will be touring the UK Spring and Autumn 2017!

March- May 2017

You, Me the World and Ilford


Working with 12 community groups and Redbridge delivering bespoke workshops and performances that asks participants to question the relationship between Ilford, other people and the world around them. This is with take stock exchange. 

Feb 2017

Soho young playwrights 2017


Add Event Details here

September 2016- 2017

Battersea Arts Centre volunteer tour guide project

Battersea Arts Centre

Working with people who have a connection with Battersea Arts Centre I helped create 10 original tours of the building. 

To book on the tours click here

August 2016

Bubble Schmeisis at Ed Fringe


July 2016 and December 2016

Manchester Jewish Museum and Battersea Arts Centre

Manchester Jewish Museum

I worked with the team at BAC and MJM to scratch an interactive and creative programme as part of the creative museum project. 

July 2016

Schlep with Nick

Markfield Park

As part of the Royal Court's work in Tottenham I have been asked to make a series of work concerning the Jewish community in Stamford Hill. 


You can come and hear them on July 3rd, 10th and 17th 

Click here to book. 

February 2016

Soho Young Playwrights Project.

4 primary schools across Walthamstow.

I ran workshops across 4 primary schools in Walthamstow over five weeks with year 6. In the workshops I took the students through how to write a play.  Over March they write their own plays and one from each school will be chosen to be performed at the Soho Theatre. 

December 2015

The Elf B.I.

The streets of South London

For Emergency Exit arts I helped create a new walk about for Christmas. The Elf B.I. Santa's spies. I performed the show at various Christmas events over December. 

21st October 2015

Scratch of 'United Kingdom'

Battersea Arts Centre

The first work in development of a new show I am making with Olly Hawes based on our work in Ilford. 

October 3rd and 4th 2015

Fun palaces for Vestry House 'The Toy Maker'

Vestry House

For Slap Haddock I wrote and directed a new commision for Vestry House's fun palace. The piece was based on the interactive piece was based on the toy making history of Walthamstow. 

continuous 2015-2016

Bubble Schmeisis

Richmix, CPT, JW3

My solo show about going to the baths got ACE funding and is currently touring. 

August 2015

Funny Parculiar

Stoke on Trent

For this I led the community engagment and performed in a new prominade show about eccentric people. 

The show was created by Red Herring.

Summer 2015

Re write the streets

Greenwich and Docklands Fair, Winchester Hat Fair, Out There Festival- Great Yarmouth

I am wrote reviews of street theatre for NASA   for their new scheme 'Reframe the Streets' which aims to increase the conversation surrounding outdoor arts. 

See reviews here. 

June and july 2015

You me the world and Ilford # 2

Ilford wide

With take stock exchange I am back in Ilford. We are collecting stories from 8 community centres then will go back to the centres and share what we found. 

We are supported by ACEUK and Redbridge Vision and Culture.

11th June 2015

Dice Festival

Rose Lipman Building

I performed a section from Bubble Schmeisis. A festival where you are allocated a number then they roll a dice. I ended up performing twice.

June-July 2015

Jumping the Gap

Two schools in Lambeth

I am working with a composer and Pegasus Opera Company to create operas in two schools about the transition from primary school to secondary. 

March Half Term 2015

Walthamstow Firsts

Walthamstow Town Square

Slap Haddock are celebrated all the firsts of Walthamstow with a free performance surrounding a market stall that only sells firsts. The first ever Walthamstow First event, more details here. 

April 23rd 2015

Beg Borrow Steal, Spit it out.

Arts Admin

A Saint George's Day event all about accents. I performed a couple of stories from Bubble Schmeisis.


Details of the show here. 

March - April 2015

Half and Half community theatre piece

Millenium Centre, Cardiff

With Emily from Slap Haddock we are ran the outreach segment of Tinder Box Alley's newest project in Cardiff. We ran workshops with members Muslim Community questioning National identity through food.  I then wrote a verbatim perfromance based on the workshop which was perfromed by actors, a youth theatre and some of the participants at the Millenium centre. 


26th January 2015

Soho Young Playwrights

Across five schools in Walthamstow

 I ran the workshops across five primary schools for the Soho Young Playwrights ProjectI lead the participants to write the plays and some will be perfromed at the soho theatre.

18 February 2015


Triangle Community Centre

Lead a clowning workshop for the half term circus workshops in Seven Sisters for Jackson's Lane theatre. See more here. 

15 January 2015 to 26 March 2015

Soho Young Theatre Makers Programme

Walthamstow School for Girls

With Slap Haddock  we are currently running the Soho Young Theatre Makers Programme in Walthamstow. It is a 10 week scheme where the participants will be guided to make a piece of theatre in Slap Haddock's  style.

28th November 2014


Lead a workshop on the way Slap Haddock make theatre. This was for Tender Buttons as part of their NHS Early Intervention in Psychosis 'Theatre Group' project. 

5th October 2014 - 7.30pm

Part of Small Story/Big City

There was a time every London Borough had its own public bath house. Many are gone, some are still around. People don’t know they exist. The audience will be invited into the forgotten world of an East London Baths. They will be taught the age old techniques of Schmiesing and brought into a heavy set Jewish world of stories, jokes and kvetches.

As part of the Deptford Fun Palace we worked with young people at the Albany to create a brand new street theatre troupe to perform on Joan Littlewood's centenary.

31st July-10th August 2014

One Green Bottle

C Cubed, Edinburgh Fringe

Working with GCSE and A Level students, I was commissioned to write a brand new play for the students to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

5th June-28th June 2014

Ilford wide.

take stock exchange's most recent storytelling project across five community settings in Ilford. 

1st May- 1st June 2014

Wood Street Indoor Market

Co-Artistic Director of Slap Haddock's project surrounding the cinematic history of Wood Street in Walthamstow.

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I created a section of JW3 and the Guardian's Sound's Jewish Podcast. Hear what I have to say on laughter, markets, my family and pig's eyes here.


Have a listen to my other podcast with the Guardian about my experience of going to the steam baths and what I found out by going there.

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