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 At the heart is a commitment to empowerment
 and showing people they can do anything. 

Nick runs a variety of workshops within his companies but also independently. He has worked with the Royal Court Soho theatre, the Albany, JW3, Jackson’s Lane, The Open Age Centre, Tender Buttons, Big Wheel and many more.

Nick has also worked with various museums  on heritage projects. 


Nick works with all ages and abilities, with experience of working in many community contexts. The approach to every workshop is the same. Make the participant feel comfortable and safe, in order to push them to creatively engage with themselves and the others in the group. This will enable them to create something that will surprise themselves. 


Whatever the content of the workshop it will be delivered in such a way that completely takes into account the abilities of each group. This bespoke way of creating workshops often leads to an organic process which has the workshop altering throughout the period depending on group reactions. This ends in a vibrant time with everyone getting something out of each workshop. Check out my videos page for more info. 



In these workshops we will work out what kind of writer you are. I have a practical way of running workshops and the pen does not make an appearance until a little later on. Through word games and telling stories, we access structure, style, voice and character. When we start writing, these things are already clear to the participants, which makes the writing journey easier and unintimidating.  Nick has run these workshops continuously with the Soho Theatre as part of Soho Young Writers. 


Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has the capactity to make them up. I have lead storytelling workshops with a wide variety of participants each giving thier own unique stories. We create a safe zone where every story is valuable and everything told is celebrated. In these workshops we may never leave the room, but we go everywhere. 


"Nick expertly opened creative doors for my pupils and helped them to realise their theatrical visions."

Hannah Burham of Fitz Johns school

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