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The Schvitz
Bubble Schmeisis
The Schvitz reading team

 With my plays I strive to put  the  unheard voice on stage.

Nick gained a MA in Writing for Performance from Goldsmiths and is also a graduate of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme.  
As a playwright I am focused on writing about forgotten spaces. Places that people walk past everyday, places that people use and don't think about, places that make up the fabric of London. I am fascinated by those places....and the people that inhabit them. 

The Schvitz 

Here in the baths we are all the same. There could be taxi’s, mercs, rollers outside but in here we are all the same. Just naked men... Fancy a schmeiss?

The Schvitz invites you into the world of an east end steam bath. Inside there are the Jewish men who go there every week. They go to moan, fight, reminisce, joke and most importantly touch.

Joel arrives looking for a connection he has lost. He finds something else instead


The Schvitz featured the voice of the North East London and West Essex Jewish community. Set in a bath house it is all about masculinity, acceptance and finding a place you can be who you want to be. 



One Green Bottle 

Commision for Ardingly College.


Through a series of workshops in 2014 I wrote a play for 10 GCSE and A level students to take to Edinburgh Fringe.

One Green Bottle was based on the thoughts and experiences the students had. It was about control. About not knowing who is next to you. About being in your own world and everyone else's at the same time. About meaningless status updates and Snapchat selfies. And about the electronic emptiness that lies behind the lens in a generation that has forgotten how to be themselves.



Title to be confirmed

Commision for Bradfield College. 


After the success of the first commision I am now running a similar project for GCSE and A level students at Bradfield College which will be taken to Edinburgh in Summer 2016.

A rehearsed reading took place at the Arcola Theatre, London in February 2014.


The Schvitz Reading Team

Director - Matthew Evans

Murray - Allan Corduner

Malcolm - Mark Fleischmann

Lionel - Danny Braverman

Joel - Olly Hawes












"Dig beneath the surface and Nick Cassenbaum’s weird play has a great deal to say about modern life....Cassenbaum has clearly created a complex piece with a message." 

Tim Bano. A Younger Theatre.










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