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Kvetch! Or....the first Schmeiss Blog


This is the first of please god many Schmeiss blogs.

I am working on finishing my show Bubble Schmeisis, I will be posting the progress here.

It is about a month until the first showing of the new and improved Bubble Schmeisis on the 5th September. Tickets available now here.

Last week I was working with director and storyteller Danny Braverman to suss out the overall dramaturgy of the show and to add in some more stories.

We spent a week talking. Talking a lot. We talked Tottenham Hotspur football club…which made him upset and confused as me, from a family of Spurs fans I hadn’t caught the bug. In fact I hate the game, no interest.

We talked Jewish summer camps and the ridiculous leaders on them…which made him laugh…a lot.

We talked the science of driving on the North Circular…which made us both too excited for our own good.

We did get work done. All of these conversations have stories behind them, which I won’t ruin for you now.

As you can see we went through a range of emotions in the week. Not quite a roller coaster but more like dodgems.

So as there are so many Yiddish words for the human condition, and they feature in my show I thought I would explain them here.

So, in the video you will see Danny having a kvetch.

Kvetch means to complain…a lot. Have a look at Danny giving his best kvetch. Which is for illustrative purpose of course…I hope.

You can catch Danny’s Wot? No Fish!! show at the South Bank in August. Tickets for that available here.

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