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Schmeissed out of Europe-what were we thinking?

It has been a pretty miserable and eventful couple of days. What with us abandoning our European cousins to detach ourselves and try to prove that we can stand alone; in isolation as a place where foreigners aren't welcome…I can't quite understand it.

I have been sad, angry and made to feel like the work I make is pointless, trivial even. I mean what is the point of continuing forwards when the country is moving backwards? It has made me feel that maybe there's something else I should be doing… something that will go against this awful decision. Or maybe that there is no place for me here anymore.

After thinking, thinking and eating, and thinking some more. It occurred to me, there is nothing else I can do… nothing else I should do. My family came here over 100 years ago , escaping ethnic cleansing. I live in a country where I can stand in front of an audience and tell my story. So I will... They came and with them they brought customs, rituals, food and language. All of these things have leaked into our British life and they way I live today.

This culture has enabled me to make a show that explores an Eastern European ritual, using Klezmer music, spats of Yiddish... but also includes techniques borrowed from British popular theatre and street theatre. My stories are told in my voice, a very specific British regional voice...a voice that exists nowhere else on the planet. So what is my show? It is an example of what Europe has done for this country. It is a story of a displaced European in a city where he can find solace and a home. An example that this country has room for all people and their stories. We live in a place rich of stories from all over. We should be celebrating these now. Showing the world and other Britons we are proud of this. Proud of a diversity amongst the populous and their stories, something that no vote can take away from us.

We we will not be told our stories are not worth while. We will not be made to feel like they are trivial.

The more stories that we can tell, the more stories we will hear, and more stories that we hear the more we can understand people. I think what is apparent now is we need more understanding in this country. Those who voted for leaving need to understand how upset and isolated they have made people feel. Those who voted remain need to understand what has made the leave voters so angry….Either way let’s tell stories. Let’s talk.

Either way let’s tell stories. Let’s talk.

Bubble Schmeisis is going to Summerhall this Summer.

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