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Sound the trumpets….it’s a musical announcement.

Big news everybody….

After the performance in Jamboree with Daniel Gouly and Josh Middleton we have decided to add the two musicians to the CPT show and the Bubble Schmeisis family.

We are really excited to have them and they are sure to create a wonderful atmosphere for the show. We were in the rehearsal room yesterday and although I am going to miss the sound of Max Bygraves singing sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

So now if you are coming you can expect two live musicians... who wants to see dead ones? Dan and Josh are part of Don Kipper, an award-winning innovative ensemble playing and transforming a wide range of traditional musical forms, from Turkish Fasıl and Greek Rebetiko to Gypsy Jazz and Klezmer.

Remember if you have missed out on the CPT show you can book for JW3 here.

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