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getting ready for a special show

On the 16th September I will be doing my show at Jamboree on Cable Street in collaboration with Josh and Dan from Klezmer band Don Kipper.

Today we have been putting the show together, they have added sound effects, gags and some beautiful pieces of music from their repertoire.

My favourite has to be their version of ‘Consider Yourself’' which you can hear in the video.

This is a one off show not to be missed. A mixture of schmeissing and klezmer…what more do you want?

And don’t take my word for it? After we finished a run Josh’s elderly neighbour told us ‘We were brilliant and he had his mouth open for the entire hour and a half’…and he was just listening to it!

Come, bring your friends, family and neighbours.

Tickets here starts at 8pm sharp.

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