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Tickets? Gornisht

So, two shows down, two different spaces, two sets of audiences and two schmeissers.

It has been lovely so far.

And what audience feedback I have received. Here are a few of the most gushing;

‘Hilarious, touching, eye opening. So much humanity. Nick is an amazing storyteller.’

‘Overall a lovely experience, I almost cried and I laughed throughout.’

‘Beautifully crafted, lots of subtle gentle moments amidst all the laughter. Oh and the laughter. Proper belly laughs.’

‘F***ing hilarious!’

‘Bit of a masterpiece- I hope as many people as possible get to see Bubble Schmeisis.’

Well, that last person will be pleased as the show at CPT is now sold out.

But don’t worry, tickets for JW3 have just gone on sale. Click here for tickets.

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